Guide spotlight: Amrine Excavation by Rob Unwraps

Dungeon screenshot

Amrine Excavation

This guide is written by Rob Unwraps for his Youtube channel, along with a video for it.

Expedition entrance

Hello everyone and welcome to Rob’s updated ultimate guide for the Amrine Excavation. This guide takes into account some open beta changes, and now has 100% more resource locations and ways to acquire tuning orbs. In this video I’ll cover the locations of all the caches, the named enemies you’ll encounter, and strategies on how to defeat the two main bosses in the Excavation, as well as the solution to the puzzle to unlock the bridge.

Amrine Excavation is the first Expedition that is available to adventurers in New World.

Through the course of normal questing the main story quest will guide you to the Amrine Excavation to pick up a heart gem. In order to unlock the excavation you’ll need a key, called a tuning orb, that can be acquired from the main story quest. Tuning orbs can also can also be crafted by stone masons, though you can only craft 5 every 168 hours (which is 7 days). Crafting a tuning orb require lvl 25 stonecutting and a tier 3 table. The amrine tuning orbs cost 10 corrupted slivers which you earn (randomly) from closing corrupted breaches, 1 iron chisel which you can purchase from your faction vendor, 50 stone blocks which you can cut at a stonecutting table, and 1 eternal heart which I have received as a drop but can also be crafted by level 50 stone cutters at a tier 3 stone cutting table for 50 of the follow motes each, water, earth, fire, and air. You will only need 1 key for an entire group but once the key is used you’ll lose it. Each player can also receive another tuning orb at level 23 as part of a chain of side quests for William Heron located in the second floor of the Inn at Everfall.

Outside of the Excavation is the good boy Barkimedes. Barkimedes will offer you a repeatable quest to defeat Star Excavation Ravagers and collect their succulent bones. As of Open Beta players had to be level 23 to get this quest. There is Five Star Excavation Ravagers in the instance but you only need 3 bones. This means that you can leave the instance midway through after completing the quest, turn it in, and then go back and get 2 of the 3 bones to complete the quest again. So you’ll be able to complete this quest 3 times from only running the dungeon twice. You can’t all leave the dungeon at once, however, four people can leave, 1 can stay in, then once those initial players come back into the instance the last player can go out, turn their quest in, and come back in with everyone else and complete the instance. The roughly 5k experience from this quest is a pretty big chunk and worth the minor inconvenience of leaving the dungeon and coming back in.

There are 6 named mobs in the Amrine Excavation not counting the two bosses, each named mob (and the bosses too) will have a random prefix that applies a buff to them. I’ll list off some different prefixes I encountered during an amalgamation of my runs.

You’ll find

Tainted Tanner (Hearty)
Zippy (Cold Aura)
Burnt Becca (Armored)
Mad Mackenzie (Fire Resistant)
Safety Office Richards (Explosive)
Frozen Forest (Brutal)

Neither of them at this level require a lot of coordination. They are purely tank and spank fights like almost all of the trash in this instance as well.

The only real challenges you’ll face in this instance are the two actual bosses. Foreman Nakashima an Simon Grey.

(This part in italics really on makes sense if you watch the video, there are also infographics that show were everything is at)

Amrine Infographic
Amrine Dungeon Map

There are three pages to the Star Excavation journal located in the instance.

The first is on your left as you enter

The second is on the stairs on the way up to the bridge in the Grand Traverse

The third page is located next to a chest where you’ll summon the foreman.

The fourth and final page is outside next to barkamedes

In order to solve the puzzle of the grand traverse you’ll need to step on three platforms at the same time. When you do the bridge will complete. I’ve marked the locations of the platforms on this map.

Most of the trash in here is simple tank and spank so I won’t walk you through the entire instance. There is a main story quest that directs you where you need to go. Just watch out for the withered nests. You need to kill those or they will continue to summon lost.

There are 6 chests in the Amrine Excavation.

The first is located behind a tent next to a star excavation withered nest in the room you’ll fight Zippy.

The second is hidden behind a waterfall. Once you are in the grand traverse and make a left to head down to one of the pressure plates jump off into the water and you’ll find this chest tucked away. There is also some mining nodes down here.

The third is located behind a pillar in the Hidden Vestibule

The fourth is by a stack of crates next to where you fight the Foreman. There is also a note located near bye.

The fifth is up on a ledge in the room you fight the Foreman

The sixth and final is located after you defeat Simon Grey.

Foreman Nakashima has a couple of tricks in their bag. In addition to attacking whoever has drawn the foreman’s aggro the Nakashima will also summon a pink ring around a seemingly random player. If this player touches the ring it will stun the entire group for 2 seconds. To complicate matters the foreman also summons waves of ghostly adds to fly over the area in the pink ring. If you get hit by one of these adds you could easily lose up to 1/3 of your life. If you are good at dodging it’s possible to avoid these ghosts. If not you may want to consider whether or not it’s worth the entire group being stunned to prevent you from dying. Good news is it’s easy to rez up a dead player. You could decide to just gtfo the rings asap and deal with the stuns since they don’t last very long.

Simon Grey
Has 3 primary attacks. Have the tank get aggro on the boss and Simon will focus his melee attacks on them. He’ll do a double fisted overhead front ground attack that will deal physical damage in a circle in front of him. He’s punching the ground and anything in this way. He has another frontal attack where he vomits a cone in front of him and does elemental damage. Lastly, and this is the big one, he will summon waves roughly every 20 seconds. While the tank focuses on holding Simon DPS need to burn down these adds. These are you number 1 priority and if you don’t kill the adds fast enough you could become overwhelmed with adds. Simon IS NOT the threat in this battle. His waves of adds are. So tank aggro Simon, healer keep tank alive, DPS kills adds, healer help keep the DPS that take damage alive and deal a bit of damage to that adds as well. Hopefully with the correct life staff skills you’ll be able to deal damage and heal at the same time.

That’s it’s you’ve completed the Amrine Expedition and you can collect your Heart Gem and don’t forget to loot that last Supply Stockpile.

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