List of PTR Weapon Skill Tree Changes + other stuff

Here are the changes made that are currently live on PTR. Do mind that these are all subject to change and might or might not make it to the public build.

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Great Axe
“Gravity” passive updated to “After you cause a pull, your foe is rooted for 0.25 seconds”
Whirlwind now has grit.

wrecking ball fortify buff duration increased 4s → 7s
wrecking ball damage increased 120% → 130%
mighty gravel cooldown reduced 22s → 20s
mighty gravel base dmg increased 160% → 170%
mighty gravel final upgrade dmg increased 200% → 220%
armor breaker rend upgrade buffed 15% → 20%
armor breaker does 25% bonus dmg to full hp enemy instead of 15% (final upgrade)
warhammer exhaustion from abilities passive now reduces enemy stamina regen by 20% instead of 15%

leaping strike dmg buffed 135% → 150%
leaping strike cooldown reduced 25s → 18s
shield bash weaken extended 4s → 10s

aoe disease cloud duration 3s → 6s
disease throw debuff durations 5s → 10s
disease throw on <30% hp enemy debuff durations upgrade 15s
rending throw cooldown reduced 15s → 8s

Cyclone base dmg increased 110% → 130%
Sweep ‘coup de grac’ bonus attack buffed dmg 125% → 150%
Perforate base dmg of each hit increased 70% → 80%
Skewer bleed DoT/tick dmg increased 10% per second → 20% per second

Poison shot cooldown reduced 35s → 30s
Poison shot direct hit upgrade nerfed 200% → 150% dmg
Poison shot can no longer headshot.
Rain of arrows aoe radius reduced by 0.5 meters
Rapid Shot cooldown reduced 20 sec → 14 sec

sticky bomb base dmg increased 175% → 235%
power shot cooldown reduced 15s → 12s
shooter’s stance cooldown reduced 20s → 18s
stopping power cooldown redcued 18s → 15s

Tondo (bleed) cooldown reduced 11s → 6s
Riposte stun base duration increased 1.5s → 2s
Riposte stun duration upgrade increased 2s → 2.5s
Riposte cooldown reduced 20s → 12s
Momentum final passive buff increased 25% → 30% damage

Fire Staff
Fireball can no longer crit.
Over 50% mana passive nerfed 10% empower → 5%
Bonus ability crit chance passive nerfed 15% crit → 10%
No dmg taken in for 3 seconds bonus dmg passive nerfed 10% → 5%
Holding fire staff crit damage passive nerfed 20% → 15%
Rune of Helious bonus dmg nerfed 30% → 25%
Flamethrower base dmg increased 34% → 50%
Dmg when under 50% max hp passive nerfed 20% → 15% bonus dmg
Pillar of Fire base dmg buffed 134% → 170%
Singe/Watch it burn swap places (makes it hard to reach rune of helios)

Ice Gauntlet
Ice shower cooldown increased 20s → 30s
Wind Chill base damage increased 16% → 20%
Bonus crit dmg at full stamina reduced 15% → 10%
Ice Storm damage ticks 3 times a second instead of 4 times a second
Ultimate chill nerfed from 35% damage to 25%
Heavy Freeze roots now have 5 second cooldown

Life Staff
Blissful Touch (LMB heal) → 20% —>16% (20% healing nerf)
orb of protection HoT nerfed 7.5% → 6% weapon dmg
beacon HoT nerfed 20% → 16%
light’s embrace base heal nerfed 100% → 80%
divine embrace base heal nerfed 150% → 120%
splash of light base heal buffed 50% → 60%
sacred ground HoT nerfed 20% → 16%
sacred ground duration nerfed 15s → 12s
sacred ground stamina/mana regen buff nerfed 100% → 50%
enchanted justice passive nerfed 10% HoT → 8%
Light’s Embrace Connection —> Increase from 1% mana per buff to 2% mana per buff
Splash of Light’s shared recovery → 5% mana restored for people under 50% health

Sacred Ground cast distance increased:
distance: 20 → 25 meters

Not skill tree related:
Light armor is 20% damage and 30% healing bonus
Medium armor is 10% damage and 15% healing bonus

Void gauntlet weapon/armor perks ("-Rob" from discord)
Diminishing Orb: On successful hit, Petrifying Scream inflicts Disease, reducing the target’s healing by 50% for 10s.

Putrefying Scream: On activation, Oblivion removes limited duration buffs from enemies within its radius.

Nullifying Oblivion: On hit, Orb of Decay reduces the duration of the target’s buffs by 50%.

Slowing Tether: On successful hit, Baleful Tether inflicts Slow, reducing the target’s move speed by 30% for 3s.

Voracious Blade: While below 50% health, successful Void Blade hits heal self for 30% of the damage done.

Empowering Rupture: On killing blow of a target you’ve afflicted with Essence Rupture, gain Empower, increasing your damage by 30% for 5s.

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