New World PTR Datamine

Some pretty cool stuff in here!

Lots of cleanup of in development content (Brimstone Sands, Isabella's Lair (Expedition), Eridanus Caverns (Expedition))

You can no longer place camps in invasions

Twitch Company Crests and armor dies coming soon.

LOTS of tracking for anti-bot / gold selling measures

New 'partial ban' pentaly

New emotes (store items):

Greatsword is being worked on: javelinedata_spelltable_greatsword.datasheet

Blunderbuss has new weapon effects:

    "WeaponEffectId": "Blunderbuss",
    "Default": "Scripts/WeaponEffects/WeaponEffect_Default.lua",
    "Fire": "Scripts/WeaponEffects/Musket/WeaponEffect_Musket_Fire.lua",
    "Arcane": "Scripts/WeaponEffects/Musket/WeaponEffect_Musket_Magic.lua",
    "Void": "Scripts/WeaponEffects/Musket/WeaponEffect_Musket_Void.lua",
    "Lightning": "Scripts/WeaponEffects/Musket/WeaponEffect_Musket_Lightning.lua",
    "Ice": "Scripts/WeaponEffects/Musket/WeaponEffect_Musket_Ice.lua",
    "Nature": "Scripts/WeaponEffects/Musket/WeaponEffect_Musket_Nature.lua"
New 'Random Encounters': javelinedata_variations_randomencounters.datasheet (empty)

Upcoming 'Holiday' events: javelinedata_variations_gatherables_holiday.datasheet (empty)   

AI EventExpModifier for holiday events

Increasing territory standing XP: 1->1.25x

They are increasing the amount of XP/level for all trade skills:

Weapon smithing level 1: 100->120
Weapon smithing level 200: 43400->176400
(also increasing XP rewarded)
Some balance changes:

Sword Leaping Strike CD: 25->18s
Warhammer Mighty Gavel CD: 22->20s
Hatchet Rending Throw CD: 15->8s
Musket PowerShot CD: 15->12s
Musket ShooterStance CD: 20->18s
Musket StoppingPower CD: 18->15s
Bow RapidShot CD: 20->14s
Bow PoisonShot CD: 35->30s
Rapier Slash CD: 11->6s
Rapier Riposte CD: 20->12s
Ice Gauntlet IceShower CD: 20->30s
Lifestaff SacredGround:
    Cast Distance: 20->25m
    Duration: 15s->12s
Greatsword Offense Attack: 5 stamina
"Slow" status effect: -0.1->-0.5 movespeed
Game Mode Mutators are being worked on (dungeon mutations?), 10 Ranks.More work on dungeon mutations:

    "CategoricalProgressionId": "DungeonAmrineDifficulty",
    "MaxLevel": 10,
    "AutoRankUp": true,
    "InfiniteLevels": false,
    "RankTableId": "MutatorRankData",
    "MinTrackedLevel": 0,
    "ShowAsObjectiveReward": false
    "CategoricalProgressionId": "DungeonEdengrove00Difficulty",
    "MaxLevel": 10,
    "AutoRankUp": true,
    "InfiniteLevels": false,
    "RankTableId": "MutatorRankData",
    "MinTrackedLevel": 0,
    "ShowAsObjectiveReward": false
    "CategoricalProgressionId": "DungeonReekwater00Difficulty",
    "MaxLevel": 10,
    "AutoRankUp": true,
    "InfiniteLevels": false,
    "RankTableId": "MutatorRankData",
    "MinTrackedLevel": 0,
    "ShowAsObjectiveReward": false
    "CategoricalProgressionId": "DungeonEbonscale00Difficulty",
    "MaxLevel": 10,
    "AutoRankUp": true,
    "InfiniteLevels": false,
    "RankTableId": "MutatorRankData",
    "MinTrackedLevel": 0,
    "ShowAsObjectiveReward": false
New Store MTX Items:

Armor Set: Autumn King

Classic RPG: Bard

Classic RPG: Rogue

Classic RPG: Wizard


Royal Court Heavy

Royal Court Medium

Royal Court Light

Camp Skin Dec2021_1

Camp Skin Dec2021_2

Camp Skin Dec2021_3

Decor Set: Royal Court

I sorta rushed this one out, I'm finding a lot more digging deeper:

Expertise Levels for trade skills after 200 (chest reward when leveling up)

More dungeon progression with "Silver Ranks"

Confirmation when salvaging rare items

Event's Calendar / Daily Login Rewards? (periodicrewards)

60 day faction change

Housing locate item

+15% bonus healing in normal armor / Scaling increase for light armor as well

Alkahest items used in crafting potions

Yeti enemy, as well as two other 'legendary bests' (Tauros and Kirin)

Tool skins in Store

Convergence Shop (Event Store)

New PvP Missions

Kill and Acquire Items, search chests, hunt {targetName}, chests at warcamp, kill with weapon, capture fort, assassinate elites

Attribute changes

300 Int bonus +30% -> +10%

250 Con bonus -80% -> -60%

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