December New World Team Update

“The New World Team sits down to provide information, updates, and insights into where New World is currently and where players can expect the game to go in the future.”

User loanwolf88 on Reddit:

Here is the TLDR notes I took while listening:
– They are slowing down to test more before releasing new features
– Server mergers are going well
– They want to add more dynamic events in the open world
– They plan to add more mob variety and cultures to new world. Introduced through new zones and a revamp of old zones to keep all zones relevant.
– “Mutators” seems to be the big feature they are jazzed about
– Big section on bans and bots. Nothing important so far.
– At one point they wrongfully banned people who were gathering too efficiently because they believed no human in their right mind would play the game like this.
– They have a long list of bugs they are working to fix. Most egregious bugs addressed first, then basically the ones that have been around for awhile. Forums and ingame best place to report.
– Leveling up trees in Winter convergence give better presents
– New activities will eventually be available
– Ok finally getting more information on the big new feature “Mutators”
– Expeditions you can add Mutators to augment AI in expeditions to make it more difficult for higher rewards
– Sounds like the mutators will change each week
– 10 difficulty levels
– Expect to need to stack things like fire resist or ice damage to be able to complete on the higher end
– Will be in January PTR
– Firestaff will probably get a damage buff. Ice Guantelet should get more CC. They feel they need to amp both up a little bit
– In December expect OPR to have lower afk timers and bot detection as well as changing the score system
– Blunderbuss next weapon to be released
– “Run and gun”
– Greatsword “working on it” -Concept of stance switching
– Daggers – On the table, near front but its not their yet
– Shield + another weapon not on table yet
– Lead dev is a great axe / hammer user
– Doing high level Mutators will give you a brand new resource needed to upgrade specific weapons. This will be needed to do the higher level mutators.
– They will be reducing the distance cost modifier on azoth shrines and adding more shrines in the world to key locations
– shrines will be on the map specifically even before you discover them so you know where they are instead of just a ?
– Working on a whole branch of new quests.
– They are excited about quests where npcs follow you. I on the otherhand am not. Im looking at you Natalya.
– They plan on wrapping up the 1st chapter of main story quests. In the future they will introduce more Historical and Mythological figures into the mix
– They want to add more “discoverable” things. Similar to the Ghost Ship in Monarchs Bluff.
– They heard the community loud and clear that they wanted to see them do a run through Myrkgard. They went under geared 510gs, didn’t have their best player and will be releasing the video shortly.

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