The Wheel of Time drops

Tis’ the season giving. Watch selected streamers on Twitch between December 23 – January 12 to receive up to seven unique The Wheel of Time skins.

You will be able to get:

  1. Nynaeve’s Coat “Listen to the winds for they carry true wisdom.”
  2. Red Ajah Cloak “This color serves as a warning for those who would seek to do harm.”
  3. Tam’s Blade (Rapier skin) “Beautiful as it is deadly. A true guardian’s weapon.”
  4. Ouroboros Crest
  5. Children of the Light “Ivory robes can sometimes belie the intentions of their wearers.”
  6. Shadowspawn Blade (Sword skin) “The fearsome claw of a terrible dark lord.”
  7. Egwene’s Cloak “Only the gifted can follow the path of magic.”

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