Link spotlight: 50 More New World Tips & Facts You Need To Know

In addition to the last article with 108 Tips and Tricks which were based off of Fusion Thunder’s YouTube Video, the people over at The Games Cabin have once again given us another set of awesome Tips and Facts. Really helpful in preparing for the up coming launch of New World, which is in lessContinue reading “Link spotlight: 50 More New World Tips & Facts You Need To Know”

Guide spotlight: Amrine Excavation by Rob Unwraps

Amrine Excavation This guide is written by Rob Unwraps for his Youtube channel, along with a video for it. Hello everyone and welcome to Rob’s updated ultimate guide for the Amrine Excavation. This guide takes into account some open beta changes, and now has 100% more resource locations and ways to acquire tuning orbs. InContinue reading “Guide spotlight: Amrine Excavation by Rob Unwraps”

Link spotlight: 108 Tips and Tricks for New World

“Fusion Thunder is the real MVP with this massive list. He put the hard work into his video and collecting these tips. Please do make sure you click on his video here and like and subscribe for him, because he really deserves the recognition here.“ Fusion Thunder’s YouTube Video – Please Like and Subscribe forContinue reading “Link spotlight: 108 Tips and Tricks for New World”