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Tradesman’s Bible – New World Crafting Calculators, Tools, and Guides

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New World Wiki | New World MMO Wiki

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New World Map | Resources, Crafts, Dungeons Locations
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New World
New World Trade Skill Leveling Guides
All Crafting Leveling Guides : newworldgame(reddit)
Unofficial New World Fishing Guide
New world leveling guide by
[Fishing]Legendary Fishing Pole Quest Line by Skillerz
War, Territory Control, and You – by Yvreon
Invasions 101: Surviving the Onslaught – by Yvreon

Compendiums / Spreadsheet
[New World] Trade Skill Recipes v1.0
New World Cooking Recipes
Toast New World Compendium
Lace’s New World Crafting Breakdown
Lace Delamorte’s New World Crafting & Stats Breakdown
Company crafting/gathering Request System
[New World] Achievements
Quest Rewards
Elements & Weapon Effectiveness v0.3
New World Weapon Mastery Quests V1.0
Expertise and Daily Gypsum Tracker

BraveNW – Luck Calculator
New World EXP & Resource Database/Calculator
New World Refining & Crafting Calculators
[New World] Territory Bonus Calculator
New World Armor Calc OpenBeta Tier V
New World | Damage values & weighting
New World Crafting Planner by Yageer
Crafting Simulator – caboArmy [EN/ES]
New World Crafting Calculator
New World Damage Simulator
Cooking with Lemons Market Analysis
New World – Gathering luck calculator
New World Refining Cost Calculator

Homes of New World

AETERNUM ⚔️ LOGBOOK – Company LogBook
RedzyTV’s New World Server List (Language & Region)
Streamers on New World
NW Crest Designer
New World Server Status & Population
Quillbark · New World trading post prices, news
New World Datamining – November Update
New World Twitch Drops – New World MMO

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