New World Update: 1.2.1

Faction Change cooldown reset for everyone! New World Update 1.2.1 downtime will begin at 11pm PT (7am UTC) on December 21. Greetings Adventurers! This week’s update is focused on resolving some of the issues that have arisen from our December Update. Our development team is continually working on improving the New World experience and they thankContinue reading “New World Update: 1.2.1”

New World Update: Winter Convergence Festival 1.2

Christmas came early. Big update with lots of cool stuff besides the Winter Festival. Expertise New Quests Combat Balancing Better Crafting New Perks …and more! WINTER CONVERGENCE FESTIVAL The holiday of Winter Convergence is upon Aeternum! Marked by the appearance of increased snowfall and Northern Lights in the sky this is a time of dichotomyContinue reading “New World Update: Winter Convergence Festival 1.2”

New World Update: 1.1.2 Server Technical groundwork for server merges World Experience The limited time “Turkey Terror” world event has been disabled and will return in the future. Gobble Gobble. Housing Players are now able to repurchase and utilize houses that were lost during a rollback. This should also allow players to pay taxes on houses they ownContinue reading “New World Update: 1.1.2”

New World Update: 1.1.1

Small update brings back trophies and harvesting gear! We also see some war performance enhancements and groundwork for future server merges. Motes from Elemental enemies: Fixed an issue causing a large number of motes to drop from elemental enemies. We also removed elemental motes as rewards from gathering elemental creatures and reduced the amountContinue reading “New World Update: 1.1.1”

New World Update: Into The Void 1.1

Huge update today. Into The Void will bring some amazing new stuff to the game, including the void gauntlet, new enemies and a lot of balancing. WORLD EXPERIENCE WORLD Added starter zone visual variety and improvements. Updated visuals have been added to the starting areas. Corruption and Withered visuals have been amplified in farmsContinue reading “New World Update: Into The Void 1.1”

New World Update: 1.0.5

Update 1.0.5 is here with some very sought after fixes. Banning goldbots and goldsellers Fixed duping Reduced re-spec costs Hatchet / GA / WH Resilient perk Read more here: GENERAL COIN SELLERSWe know many of you have seen the pesky chat messages from players spamming messages, and we’re continuing to investigate solutions toContinue reading “New World Update: 1.0.5”

New World Update: 1.0.4

New World Update 1.0.4 is here. Server transfers and Outpost Rush!Other fixes worth mentioning: Slightly improved performance within Wars. Read more on the official site and forums. OUTPOST RUSH AND SERVER TRANSFERS ROLLOUT PLANAfter the downtime required to deploy the 1.0.4 update, we will re-enable Outpost Rush and server transfers at the times listedContinue reading “New World Update: 1.0.4”

New World Update: 1.0.3

It is time for the weekly maintenance, and with it a much needed update that brings several important fixes. In addition to Update 1.0.3, AGS are starting to roll out server transfers. We will also get one free emote and a title, because we have been waiting so patiently. GENERAL Implemented final pieces ofContinue reading “New World Update: 1.0.3”

New World Update: 1.0.2

Another update is upon us, Update 1.0.2. This update brings another list of hotfixes. Two noteworthy ones are adjusting the rates of influence gain over time and the spawn rates of boars in Boarsholm. Read more in the official link below. [UPDATE] Maintenance has been extended without an ETA. World Update: 1.0.2 will release atContinue reading “New World Update: 1.0.2”